Why Today’s Activity was the Most Important Component of the Global Leadership Summit

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The most important component of the Global Leadership Summit season took place today.

The Global Leadership Summit (GLS) season extends from August 8 – 9, 2013, right through February, 2014. It is a season in which Christ-centered leadership development is given the highest possible priority in churches, businesses, government institutions and cultural organizations around the world.

It is a season in which approximately 170,000 leaders will take in the GLS in cities extending from its launch in South Barrington, Illinois, to locations throughout Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe and beyond.

But with all that is involved in bringing this massive, global undertaking about, nothing is more important than what happened today.

Today the staff of the Willow Creek Association participated in our annual prayer walk throughout the Willow Creek campus. Led by Doug Yonamine, Jimmy Mellado, along with incoming president Gary Schwammlein, we paused at strategic places around Willow to pray for:

  • The guests who would be arriving on the main campus; that God would meet each one in a unique way.
  • The impact that would take place in 236 satellite sites around the U.S.
  • The leaders who would be taking the GLS back to their own GLS sites in some 90 countries around the world.
  • The 6000 volunteers in the U.S. alone who would be serving the guests.
  • The speakers; that God would anoint them in a special way.

In large and small groups we prayed in earnest that God would take the year-long efforts that have gone into this year’s GLS, and that he would produce results in the lives of leaders in ways beyond what we could dare to hope or even imagine.

So whether you’re taking in the GLS at the South Barrington campus of Willow Creek, in another satellite location in North America, or indeed later at one of the sites around the world, know that you have been prayed for today.

Truly, in the life of a leader, there is nothing more important.


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