My Least Favourite Moment at The Global Leadership Summit

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What is my least favourite moment at The Global Leadership Summit?

It’s the same moment every year. And every year I resolve to do whatever it takes to minimize the likelihood that it will recur.

It’s the moment as the Summit ends, when leaders throughout the auditorium, and in auditoriums across Canada, are pumped up, high-fiving each other…and then invariably they start talking about other leaders on their team they wish had attended.

I hate that moment.

And that moment leads to later moments where the leader who stayed home feels like an outsider as their fired-up teammates tell story after story of the impact of the Summit. New visions are born. New determinations to build the Kingdom are unleashed.

And there sits the lonely leader, the one who missed out.

This will be my final word on the subject. Don’t be that person. Don’t be the leader who missed out.

Instead, do whatever it takes to free up the time and resources necessary to participate at The Global Leadership Summit, September 29-30.

If you need one more reminder why, take 5 minutes and watch what happened last year.

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