Turning a Summit Registration into a Leadership Strategy

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The Global Leadership Summit is coming September 29-30 to 22 sites across Canada. The extent to which this event can impact your leadership might be determined the moment you register.

It’s all about intentionality.

When I see a registration for the Summit show up for a group of two or three people, this typically tells me that they are leveraging the Summit primarily to impact their own individual leadership.

When I see a registration for a group of 10 to 12, this usually tells me that a church is sending its staff and perhaps elders to the event. The intent then is to get all the key leaders on the same page.

When I see a registration for a group of 30, 40, 50 or more, this tells me that a leader intends to leverage the Summit to impact his entire church. This leader understands what God can do in and through a congregation when a critical mass has a shared experience like the Summit can provide.

Whatever your leadership strategy, it’s important to have the right tools in place to achieve your goal. One such tool can be this 2-minute Summit vision video.

Whether you’re trying to cast a Summit vision to your staff, your board, or your entire congregation, consider having them watch this with you, and then challenge them to be a part of this experience.

As you prepare for The Global Leadership Summit, September 29-30, let me challenge you to think beyond a mere registration, and toward an intentional Summit strategy.

Because leaders just know, it’s all about intentionality.

What is your strategy for leveraging this year’s Global Leadership Summit?

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