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Today’s guest post comes from Dan Reinhardt, the founder and president of Crest Leadership. Crest is a leadership development program specifically designed to help mid-life leaders gain maximum potential in their life. I’ve seen Crest “in action” and am a firm believer in its proven track record for impacting mid-life leaders.

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It was a pleasant surprise the first time I saw it. “The research shows that the richest contribution leaders make is usually after age 40.” Surprising, because our culture says, “It’s all downhill after 40.” Pleasant, because I was 49 – I was not “done!” In fact, it told me I had much to offer, probably my best ever.

For decades we have emphasized the potential of youth, and invested heavily in children’s and youth ministries. That’s been good; but there is another huge potential that needs attention: leaders at midlife. Because it’s not all good news there. Many are tired, even thinking of quitting. Life has delivered hard knocks, and things are not as clear as we used to think they were. We become aware that we need time to think again – deeply this time – but we are so busy we can hardly keep our balance. Our load continues to increase, and we are acutely aware that we need to improve our leadership.

Dan ReinhardtAt CREST, we get it. Our program is designed specifically for midlife leaders. We get it, because we are also midlife – and invite you to a journey with others like you. Click HERE to see a 3 minute video of CREST President Dan Reinhardt explain “Why Midlife Matters” and why you must pay extraordinary attention at midlife.

We are beginning a new cohort in Alberta, February 22-24, 2012. And for those in Alberta, click HERE for a time-sensitive early-bird special. This special expires Dec 15, 2011, so take a look now.

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