How 2 Strategic Days Can Advance an Entire Ministry Year

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When it comes to leveraging The Global Leadership Summit as a key strategy in your personal development, and that of your church, you are likely in one of three categories:

Category 1: You do not attend events like the Summit.

If that describes you, this post does not apply to you.
Category 2: You already committed to attending this year’s Summit, and you’re actively building your team to join you.

If that describes you, this post will encourage you.
Category 3: You are sitting on the fence. You might attend this year’s Summit, and you might encourage others to join you.

If that describes you, this post is vital for you.
Tim Schroeder has been one of Canada’s most influential pastors for 30 years. And in the 3 minute video message below Tim makes an impassioned plea to leaders in that 3rd category.

Tim goes so far as to say, “I’ve come to the place where I don’t apologize at all to urge you to attend this year’s Summit and to bring as many of your church leaders with you as you possibly can.”

Why does Tim bring so much energy to this? Click on the video link and see for yourself.

If you are a “category 2” leader like Tim, what would you say to encourage “category 3” leaders in regard to the Summit?

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